Day One Hundred & Twenty Nine…

I woke up early (4:30 am) and had a great workout to start my day. People will ask, “How do you do that?” or “I wish I could do that.” or, “I thought of you and then I rolled over in my nice warm bed.”  You know who you are. That said, I really do like that I am part of a community of, I say dedicated but I acknowledge some may call crazy, group of sweet people. It’s a lot of fun and I like that I am feeling stronger:

Spin Class
I prefer to get a bike by the window. I love this group because everyone is so motivated.

I had a good day on plan. Although, on my way home from work I was famished. True internal hunger – I had a snack pack of almonds in the car and that helped a lot! I came home and made a great dinner – spaghetti and meatballs; I even had a slice of garlic bread. I used more SmartPoints than usual 27sp for today. That’s ok because I needed them. I didn’t have any kind of dessert or snack foods I “spent” these points on actual food.

Whole wheat pasta and meatballs with sauce and ricotta cheese. 17sp but totally worth it.

Lastly, keeping true to my word, I read my materials. Tonight I read:

This really goes into how Weight Watchers created the program.

I do like having an understanding of how they created the program. This was an informative read, as a way to make my learning visual for you I created a word cloud. If you’re not familiar with what a word cloud is an image composed of words that repeat in a text. The more frequent a word the larger or bolder a word may become:

Getting to Know Freestyle
Funny which words stand out to you.

More tomorrow…


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