Day One Hundred & Twenty Eight…

I had a nice day back at work after the extended weekend. I arrived home before the next batch of bad weather, and my lunch is packed and pretracked for tomorrow, and dinner is in the oven and smells amazing. We are having roasted pork tenderloin, rice, and with peas, red onions, and mushrooms.

The pork was a little overcooked (probably because I was trying to multitask) but really this was great. That is 1/3 cup rice mixed in with the vegetables it made it very satisfying for just 5sp

Keeping true to my goal of reading all my new materials tonight I am reading:

 Shift Your Mindset


The purpose of this book is to teach us how to grow a positive mindset about losing weight. It’s so true that losing weight is a long-term proposition. Using a positive inner voice helps us to sustain the kind stamina this work requires.  As we unpack this process for losing we weight we need to learn how to be self-compassionate. That means not being so hard on yourself when you slip up. Focus on what you’re doing well instead of something that may frustrate you.

There are so many ways to make this process work for you:

  1. Attend and participate in your weekly Weight Watchers Meeting
  2. Use your online tools like #Connect and build a virtual community
  3. Take advantage of a Weight Watcher coach on the 24/7 Expert Chat
  4. Find ways to learn more read books, magazines, blog posts (wink wink)
  5. Reflect daily on your progress and live mindfully be intentional about your choices
  6. Set attainable goals (small ones that can be accomplished within a week or two)
  7. Set long-term goals and keep them close to you (link them to your why)
  8. Use kind words when thinking about your journey (you’re awesome)
  9. Don’t let someone else write your story. Stigmas about weight do not define you
  10. Try strategies that help you to be successful (there are several in this book)
Words of Wisdom
Whether you’ve been a Weight Watcher for a long time, or you are just beginning the journey adopt a beginner’s mind. See this process as a new beginning to change your life.



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