Day One Hundred & Twenty Six…

fIf you read my blog, then you know – I am on a journey to get to my weight loss goal and at today’s weigh-in I made some impressive progress – I lost 5 pounds this week! I am officially halfway to achieving my goal! With five months left on my countdown clock, I think it really might be possible for me to make it happen within the timeframe I set.

During my fabulous Saturday Morning Weight Watcher meeting, we had a great conversation about how everyone is doing on the new #Freestyle plan. It seems like many of us have not read all the materials yet. Launching a new program in the midst of the holidays makes it challenging to devote energy to learning something new. Many of us are finding it challenging to venture away from the zero point food list and that is problematic. That is when it begins to feel like a diet rather than a lifestyle. If you click on the pictures you will get links to recipes.

Making a lifestyle change means that you are learning how to live your life differently. I am really embracing cooking because while I lose weight I want to eat really delicious food.  Plus, when I track these new recipes they just come up on the app so it makes recording my foods really simple. I want to learn how to be a healthier cook because learning how to prepare healthier meals will help me be more successful. One action boosts the other… So, I’m going to make a goal to read all my materials this week before my next meeting. There I wrote it down so it will come true.

Finding beauty in the world is an important part of my process. The more beauty I find the better I feel. So here take a look… More tomorrow.

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