One Hundred & Twenty Five…

The storm is over and now we are in the deep freeze. I bundled up and headed out this morning to spin class. I made my activity goal again this week:

It felt really good to get out of the house and workout. My favorite instructor ran the class, and that made it even better. Her name is Michelle and she is my favorite because she is an excellent teacher, it is obvious that she gives 100% of her energy to the class. Her directions are clear so I know what to do. Most of all, she is so welcoming and motivational. She really believes that everyone is doing their personal best, and for me, that only pushes me to work harder.

Words of Wisdom
This is true in every sense.

The day before weigh-in and I feel empowered. I’m eating healthy foods, working out, practicing mindfulness, and reflecting on well, everything! I think I’m entering a new phase as I work towards getting to goal.  I feel stronger, and in control. This is the truth. I also worry about getting too cocky when I think: I’ve got this. That is also the truth.  So, my plan is this – just do your best every single day.

I said goodbye to the kindest man I knew, Mr. Rouse. He was my sister’s father-in-law and has been part of our family for many years. It was a beautiful service and even though it was very sad, it was an honor to celebrate his life.

We are fortunate to have known you, Mr. Rouse.

Change is inevitable in life but there are rhythms for us to rely on. Beginnings, and endings. successes, and failures, happiness, and sadness.  Today may be bitterly cold and there will be many more days like it to come. Until one day there will be a… change warmer days are on the horizon.

So let’s all just all keep moving forward doing our best because goal is on the horizon too.

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