Day One Hundred & Twenty Four…

Snowbound! Outside, it is a wintery landscape the snow is swirling and drifting up and down and all throughout our neighborhood. Snow has transformed a bustling world into a quiet calm that is both beautiful and desolate. Inside, the house is warm and full of life:

It’s been a nice day here at home. We have been eating healthy foods, shoveling snow, working, reading for fun painting (art not the walls), playing video games, and later we have picked out some movies to enjoy.

I notice that I enjoy food so much more now. I appreciate the ritual of preparing a meal more so than I have ever had in the past. The tricky part about the way I think about food is that it triggers deep connections within me. Food goes right off the plate and into my head. It is so sensory, so it has the power to take me back in time because it is an anchor for celebration, family, and intimacy.

I think it’s really important to be passionate about living. Eating to remember the past is futile. So, instead, I plan to eat my food with the same vitality I have for living. I will:

  • Eat in the now!
  • Eat mindfully!
  • Eat with gusto!

Thank you for reading. Knowing there are others who read these posts makes me feel connected in a way that has become very important to me. This is a journey that requires ongoing reflection and discovery. Every day is a new lesson. More tomorrow…


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