Day One Hundred & Twenty Three…

A storm is coming.  It’s 5:52 pm and my school district already made the call that school will be closed tomorrow.  If this had happened earlier in my journey this news may have presented a challenge… Home, warm, and snuggly a bitterly cold day, just made for cooking, movies, or a good book.

I will still cook, and the foods will be healthy choices. Perhaps I’ll have a hot cocoa (1sp)  with Rediwhip (0sp). I will read, and watch movies, I will lesson plan, and I will have a meeting with colleagues through the Voxer App because – there is still work to be done. I will do my best to be fully present and to be grateful for all that I have.

It may seem like my life is carefree but I do have problems.  It’s not that I am ignoring them. I just can’t do anything about them at this moment. Turning to food, cannot banish them nor can that behavior help me in the long run.  My One Little Word – Resolve – is like a talisman in my pocket one that is keeping my sights on getting to goal steadfast.

Antoni Gaud
This makes me think of Antoni Gaud

I think writing these posts is an amazing outlet. As a teacher, this is a lesson I strive to teach my students. If I am to be a teacher of writing, I have to live the life as a writer. This has been the greatest surprise – writing has unlocked a sense of agency that I’ve never experienced before.

More tomorrow…

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