Day One Hundred & Twenty-One…

It’s New Year’s Day and my little countdown clock says I have 5 months until my deadline to get to goal. Truth? I will not be upset if I don’t make it to goal in 5 months, but I think I”m definitely in the running to make it so I’m beginning this post by looking back at December 2017. Here is my progress in numbers…

December 2017

If you read my blog regularly then you already know that I believe words have immense power, which is why this post, on Weight Watchers Connect,  from @4_life caught my eye:

One Little Word OLW challenge a word to carry your through 2018…

There are certain words that I see come up again and again throughout my posts like empower, devotion, dedicate – but one word just feels like it’s the perfect word to describe my attitude towards getting to goal in 2018:

My OLW for 2018
This word encapsulates my drive to get to goal. This is my word for 2018.

I must say, that Weight Watchers is kicking 2018 off to a strong start. They are inviting members to engage with each other as a way to keep invested and motivated in the process. I  love this because it goes right along with my belief that we are #bettertogether:

My #januarygoal! is to be a positive source of energy to those around me, and I will accomplish that goal by practicing self-care. The more I take care of myself, the more I can be there for others. I think this is going to be a great month.

Let’s get going…

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