Day One Hundred & Eighteen…

It’s been so cold here that Northport Harbor has started to freeze over.  Even though the weather is so frigid, I find these days exhilarating.

I noticed a physical change today. When my husband bought me this jacket back in October it just fit, and I was very excited about that because it’s an XLG Northface jacket (no more 1x or 2x) that was a huge celebration for me:

Nice surprise
I love this jacket.

Now I can wear a bulky insulated zip-up sweatshirt, and my nice new long scarf under it with room to spare. That is really remarkable.

I’ve been monitoring my internal external hunger signs as part of my post-holiday recovery strategy and I realized that I was very hungry when I was out with my husband running errands today. That is when he said, “Would you mind if we stop at McDonald’s so I can get a couple of McChicken Sandwiches?”  He is very supportive and doesn’t want to throw me off plan. But I am not some sensitive snowflake, and Weight Watchers promises us that we can lose weight and still live our lives. Off we went and this was my choice…

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 6.07.46 PM
Just 5sp for the whole salad if you skip the dressing and the lime did the trick!

Since the switchover to #Freestyle, I’ve been a little leery of certain foods.  Like, in the past, I’ve eaten Organic Quacker Regular oatmeal (3sp) with fruit and nuts.  I have been avoiding starting my day with points. That, I’ve decided is a mistake. I think that when I start thinking that way, I make this more about a diet than a lifestyle. See what I mean #Freestyle is meant to be a #Lifestyle change. So I did start my day with a favorite breakfast:

4sp Oatmeal with fruit and nuts

I had meatloaf for dinner (7sp as per the recipe builder) with mashed potatoes, peas and onions, carrots and some sauteed mushrooms. I did pass on the dinner rolls though.

Online Conversations That Inspire Me…

I want to give a shout out to @gunnerrules from my #connectcommunity. She posted this:

I love the way she reflected on her progress. She is a woman who just gets it – this is a journey and there is always a reason to celebrate growth. Even if you’re not at goal – yet. I hope her story inspires you as much as it did me. My last words for today are, look for the light, look for the good, hang with the positive people they make the journey a happier one. We are truly #strongertogether.

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