Day One Hundred & Sixteen…

No matter how far I seem to progress on this journey, it seems that falling into old habits is something that requires ongoing effort. Yesterday was a difficult day for me, and it makes sense because the two prior days involved eating rich foods and eating more than I’ve been eating over the past four months.

Words of Wisdom
So much of this journey stems from the thought process – that comes first then the personal action to make a change.

Yet two days of overindulging make me feel like I’m losing ground.  How can that be? Maybe it’s because I’ve been here before; maybe it’s because I’m afraid of going back to my unhealthy ways; maybe it’s because there is some kind of addiction to unhealthy foods. The reason doesn’t really matter as much as what needs to be done next.

Here is my plan for the day…

  • Go to spin class
  • Make breakfast
  • Find a recipe for tonight’s dinner
  • Go food shopping
  • Organize my kitchen
  • Monitor my hunger signs

It’s days like these that are really important. These are the days where I can turn one way or another. The days when I feel fragile or like I’m starting to slip up because these are points in the journey that have the potential to shake my resolve. I don’t know if any of you can relate to this? But I feel it – this is a big deal for me.

A Little While Later… Some signs I’m on the right track (if you believe in that kind of thing)

Sometimes inspiration and encouragement come from out of the blue. On my way to the gym, I heard a song that really spoke to me in the moment, by Jimmy Eat The World called “The Middle” Particularly these words,

You know they’re all the same
You know you’re doing better on your own so don’t buy in
Live right now
Just be yourself
It doesn’t matter if that’s good enough for someone else.”

Thank you! Then when I came home, a perfect recipe showed up in the mail:

I’m going to keep working at this, and someday I will get to goal. You can do it too, so come on we can do this together. More tomorrow…

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