Day One Hundred & Ten…

Before school…

I began my day at 5:15 am Spin class, and I have to say it was earlier than that because if you can fathom this, there are people who are “Waitlisted” and if you are not signed in and a bike you can lose your spot! I am very happy I’m taking this time for myself:

After school…

I donned my Spock ears, a Santa hat, and some really festive knee socks and volunteered as one of Santa’s elves after school with The Lighthouse Mission. This organization brings Christmas to needy families in the form of new toys, clothing, stocking stuffers, and anything else you can imagine.

I smile as I imagine children opening up their gifts on Christmas morning.  Everyone was part of making this a reality, all us the volunteers and families who came together to make Christmas a happy day for children.

I did well on plan – I used a total of 14sp (crazy right)? I was famished on my ride back home after volunteering. I enjoyed linguini with spagegghti squash it was delicious.

It was another gorgeous sky day  it was breathtaking  – just beautiful:

I took this picture before getting my car to drive to work this morning. So stunning.


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