Day One Hundred & Seven…

My friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and her mom made her Ambrosia.  I had mentioned to her that I hadn’t eaten that in many years, and when she came to work today, she brought me some:

This is sort of what it looked like, it was less than a half cup I would estimate.

It was really quite good, and while it did throw off my lunch plans. I ended up taking home most of the lunch I had packed. I am pretty proud of myself because eating this didn’t sabotage my day. I tracked it at 8sp and felt happy about my choice.

It's a dog's life.
Another choice  I made today was to take  Sadie out for a walk when I came home from work. I know that these short days have made it hard for her to get out and she loves it so much.

Making choices, and being happy about my choices is a big step forward for me. Anyway, this is what I’m thinking about today. I hope you had a great day and are moving closer and closer to your goals.


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