Day One Hundred & Four…

This is the last day of my first full week on the #Freestyle plan. I am still getting used to the difference between the points system. My top three observations:

  1. More nonfat greek yogurt, instead of a half serving I eat the full one (227 gms)
  2. No oatmeal this week. Yes, I know I can have it if I want it but I’m trying to see how eating the zero point foods feels
  3. More cautious about higher point foods or drinks

I used my crock pot so when I came home dinner was essentially ready. I really enjoyed the meal. Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots, a crunchy dinner roll. I find that I, generally, enjoy my food much more living on the plan:

IMG_7194 2

I don’t know what the scale will read tomorrow. Even though, I know that it’s not about the number, and I believe that to be true for me, I still can’t shake that longing to just get to goal quicker. Know what I mean?  I feel a little worried that the expenditure of my efforts won’t meet my preconceived expectations for my results on the scale. These are some things I’m thinking about – so I think it’s important to capture these thoughts here.

So, what I have I learned this week? Even though there were many stressful moments I didn’t turn to food. I treated my feelings, as a sensation, as though I  were experiencing them: fear, frustration, or disappointment. Then I tried to figure out the root causes for them, acknowledged them, and then I was able to let them go.

There is beauty all around us. Outside the world is turning white as gusts of icy wind carry the snow across the landscape just as it did the leaves in the autumn. Inside the Christmas tree glows warmly in contrast to the darkness and cold.  Even though I realize I have so much to learn, I feel nothing but gratitude for this journey. Thank you for reading.


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