Day Ninety-Eight…

I learned about Weight Watcher’s new plan, Freestyle today. It seems like it will be good. Basically, lean meats, beans, non-fat Greek Yogurt, Fruits, and (most) Vegetables are zero Smartpoints. We made Turkey Matzo Ball Soup, the vegetables, turkey (white meat only) and stock are all zero. The matzo ball was counted as one. A one point meal:

My sister and I went to the city to visit my cousin Diane who was here on business. It was also Santa Con which was pretty funny. There were quite a few inebriated Santas who were, as Bob Cratchit would say, “Making rather merry..”

Virginia, Diane, and I had a great time catching up and I certainly feel fortunate to have had this special moment together. We had lunch and visited Macy’s and looked at the windows and displays. It is truly amazing how intricate the displays are.  I have to marvel at the whimsy of the art, the architecture, and craftsmanship:

We went to lunch at this great French restaurant. I must say that was surprised when I put in my ham and cheese omelet, toast, green beans, and prosecco I had used up 17sp leaving me just 6sp for the rest of the day. That was a little shocking to me. It did work out, I used up all my points by the end of the day, and I am not at all hungry.

I hope you had a great day today and I hope you did something nice for yourself. More tomorrow…

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