Day Ninety-Seven…

Christmas is coming to my house, it is taking its time getting all set up but it is coming all the same. We baked the cookies… there is some room for improvement. But they do taste great:

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and it crossed my mind that it may not be a big number day for me. I even thought what if I gained this week? Why am I so quick to think the worst? What good does it do to predict doom and gloom? Yet, I know that many people would understand the thought process. Here are some things I know for sure;

  1. I tracked and measured every day
  2. I stayed within my points range
  3. I met my workout goal
  4. I took time out to reflect every day
  5. I tried two new recipes

I don’t think I could have done any better.  That just has to be enough, because I’m enough and so are you.

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