Day NInety-Six…

I tried a new recipe today. Weight Watchers offers some fantastic options. I made Apricot-Glazed-Turkey with Sweet Potatoes (9sp). It was amazingly good. It does take some time to prepare a meal like this. Actually, I’m feeling pretty good about it as this was deemed a “Moderately” hard dish to prepare. I usually stick with the “Easy” ones. I even made turkey stock that I’m going to use for Matzo Ball Soup tomorrow:

It’s so funny, I’ve told myself, for so long, that I’m not a good cook that I’m amazed when I make something I really enjoy. I guess it’s because I always saw my mother as a chef extraordinaire. Lately, I find that spending time cooking with my daughter is turning out to be a happy relaxing time we both enjoy. The act of cooking connects me to feelings of home and happiness in a deeply personal way.

Remember the cream cheese cookies? Well, we prepared the dough today!  It has to set overnight and I’m really looking forward to making them and seeing how they turn out…

Yes, I did put this into the recipe builder and they are going to be 2sp each if I get 30 cookies out of this dough ball…

As I am becoming more selective about what I eat, I am finding that I really am enjoying food way more.  I am more satisfied eating less and that is so strange to me. I get it, I understand why this is true, it’s because I’m eating for the right reasons now.

I feel like I have amazing insight that has been so elusive for so long. More tomorrow, don’t forget to Like if you enjoy this kind of content!


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