Day Ninety-Four…

I am unexpectedly home using sick days at the worst possible time. It is tempting to think that we have control over everything that happens to us. But I know the truth, I can only really control one thing – how I choose to respond to these unforeseen events.  So while I find myself in this unfortunate situation,  I have decided to do my best to keep it positive.

Mixing it up
A healthy snack while I thinking about making something new for dinner. This looks really good Braised Chicken With Apples (5sp).

Today was a dreary one as I came back home from the doctor with prescriptions and a few groceries:

I wanted to feel better so rather than drowning my discomfort in unhealthy comfort foods – I tried making Braised Chicken with Apples:

Then I decided to bring a little of the holidays into the house. It seems only right that Dottie’s nativity is the first to show up for Christmas this year. It is my featured image and it is stunning.  I really do love it and it makes me happy to remember when she received all the individual pieces.

Be well everyone, as always, more tomorrow…







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