Day Ninety-Five…

Weight Watcher founder, Jean Nidetch, knew that people wanted to be part of a community. She understood that there was power when we gather together and share our successes as well as our struggles.  In my case, this is definitely true, I know I need community. 

Words of Wisdom from Saturday's Meeting
I love this quote because it suggests that you can always turn things around.

I am thinking about everyone who has ever wanted to get back on track. It’s so difficult when you feel like you want to be on plan, but something keeps getting in your way. I am thinking about a member of my Saturday morning group, who shared that she was having a tough time getting her groove back. I totally understand what she is going through

Find your footing
Sometimes, every step you take to get back on track can feel you’re like scaling a mountain. Think about what you’re doing and you will find your footing and accomplish your goals I promise – just do the work, even when you feel like it’s too big. One step at a time gets you there.

Starting with the little things like cleaning out your refrigerator is a good way to kick-start the plan again. I hope she believes that she can do it – because then that will be the beginning of her comeback. Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.57.33 PMI am wary of getting too comfortable. Just today, I was looking at some shelled nuts, thinking to myself, “So what if I just have one.” Then I caught myself, “Well, I already know what they taste like. If I have them I have to track them. I already had 3 points of nuts, even if I have just one more I have to up that to 4 points.  If I want it I can have it but I don’t really want that.” In the end, I didn’t have the nut:

Oh nuts!
I’m thinking about what I really want. I really want to get to goal.

Then later in the day, my very thoughtful child brought me a coffee. That was so sweet, but it was a latte made with half-n-half.  So again, I went to my app and looked it up, that would have been more than 10 points (the one I found was made with whole milk). That wasn’t going to work so I had to pour it out.  I brewed my own coffee and poured it into the cup:

My sweet daughter
It was hard to pour away the latte my sweet child bought for me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the gesture.

What did we do instead of sitting with our coffees? We took Sadie for a walk. It’s not about the coffee it’s about spending time together and appreciating each other. We all had a nice time. We got in a walk before leaving for school, it was good for all three of us: 


It’s all in the details, and being mindful of what you really want. What do you really want this holiday season? Do you want to lose? Do you want to maintain? Do you want to take a break from the plan? There is no wrong answer here – there is only your truth. More tomorrow…

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