Day Ninety-One…

Autumn came with harvest moons, pumpkins, and cinnamon brooms. It came with cranberries, turkey, and stuffing.  It came with mountain paths, boots, and jackets. And now, it is saying “Goodbye”

My pumpkin friend
Farewell to Fall 2017

I know that technically it is still autumn, but the world has turned further away from the sun and everywhere we are saying hello to winter.

The holiday season has begun, and I find myself feeling very good about where I am on my weight loss journey. Today was weigh-in-day I lost 3.8 pounds this week. That puts me at 8 pounds away from my lowest weight since almost a year ago:

Data on me
This is just another source of information to give me some insight as to my journey.

I celebrated my weight-loss with a little shopping (I now fit into a new size) and I ordered some delicious  Chinese food (14sp) for dinner. Yes, you heard me, I can do this and still eat foods I love:

This brings me to something I’m thinking about. Weight Watchers is in the process of adjusting their plan. I have mixed emotions on this because  I am so happy with my results just following the plan as it is.  On the other hand, if I regard myself as a life-long learner then I need to be flexible and embrace the new. Although today I felt pretty upset when I tried to use my WW app and I got this:

Why so cheerful?
This guy gave me a pang of panic.

For a moment I felt overwhelmed thinking, “Oh no!” Then I remembered my friend Rose, who was sporting very cute boots today, and imagined what she might say, “Hey look, so you just use a pen and get on with it.”  So I picked up my pen and tracked on a piece of paper. Then, I made a strategy to take pictures of my foods and paper track for the rest of the day (if needed)  What is a little unnerving was how quickly I was ready to forfeit my power.  An app is a tool, not a magic bullet. I am the one who is making the weight loss happen. This made me feel much better.

Looks like winter is here
Hello Winter…

I am sending you my warmest wishes as the weather turns cold. I hope that you are doing well on the journey. You can do this, just because other people have failed that doesn’t have to be your story. More tomorrow…


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