Day Ninety…

Some days you just want to cry. Today was one of those difficult days for me.  We all have them and knowing this truth doesn’t make it much easier. All I can say is that I fully embraced the “suckiness” of day and now I am doing my best to let it go.

Reducing Stress
This is a powerful way, yes I did try it out, to reduce your stress hormones in under a minute.

Before my weight loss journey, I could have easily buried my stressful experiences or hurt feelings. I could have just left it all unnamed and ignored my true feelings.

Living in denial is not for humans.

Since I’ve been reflecting every day I find that I am really learning about myself.  Here is what I think so far, I am the kind of person who naturally has a positive attitude about the world. Most of the time, I can see things through a pluralistic lens – I can take other people’s perspectives into account.  I am sort of an outsider, and it takes a while for me to feel part of a group. When conflict arises, I will speak up but it stays with me for a very long time. It’s hard for me to let things go. I need to work on that. I believe I eat when I’m stressed out to try to make it better. Well, after being really thorough with that method of stress reduction I can say it doesn’t work.


So today I opened up two tins of Boy Scout’s Popcorn for my son. Check out my featured image that was his snack bowl. I’m happy to say, I did not eat a single kernel. Although, I know I could have if I wanted.

I hope you had a good day, and if you didn’t I hope you can just let it go. More tomorrow…


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