Day Eighty-Nine…

I began my day with a 4:30 am wakeup. I did an unbelievably challenging workout and by the end of class, I felt very good. I do love having that time to myself. I feel like this is very important for me to keep up with:

My day was busy, and it’s still not over. I am blogging from my car as I wait for my son to finish his Nokado class. Since I value physical fitness for myself, I’m happy to encourage my children to be active as well. It’s so good for him, he really enjoys it:


I’m thinking about how I deal with upset feelings. I do notice that when I feel stressed or feel under some kind of duress I feel hungrier.  It makes sense, I grew up eating the most delicious foods. I did not have a weight problem as a child or even as a teen. This struggle came on in my adulthood. Food, home, and love are all intertwined so that is probably a root cause for my weight gain.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.38.10 PM

Talk about “eat your heart out” No great meal can make a happy moment last.  No dessert can take away anxiety. No bag of chips is crunchy enough to drown out that critical interior voice. By naming the emotions (specifically) I can deal with them so I don’t sabotage progress.

I’m feeling very much in control and am happy with my results. I hope you are feeling the same way. More tomorrow…




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