Day Eighty-Six…

If you have attended Weight Watchers meeting you’ve probably heard someone say at some point, “When I follow the plan it works.” or “When I track my food it works.” Today I am thinking about how I have developed the habit of staying on plan.

Words of Wisdom Here are five habits I have developed that are helping me to be successful:

  1. Shopping and preparing foods on Sunday. Taking the time to make baggies of fresh vegetables, clean fruits, weigh and measure nuts ahead of time help during the week when my time is scarce.
  2. Scheduling regular exercise. Having scheduled days planned out ahead of time helps me feel strong and it’s something I enjoy.
  3. Taking time out, every day, to reflect on my progress. Writing about my day helps me to self-assess and get some much-needed perspective on how it is going. Tracking my food is another form of reflection, and helps me make sure I’m doing this in a healthy way. 
  4. Actively looking for and appreciating aesthetics. This helps me because being connected to the natural world, to art, literature, or music makes feel happier.
  5. Thinking in the company of others. Going to my weekly Weight Watchers meetings, talking with my sister, making online connections through Facebook, Connect, or Twitter all help me to learn and gain insights during this journey.

Whether you are Weight Watcher like me, or you are doing this on your own, believe this, you can do this. More tomorrow…