Day Seventy-Nine…

Sometimes, change happens quickly; sometimes change is a long time coming. Recently, I got word that there would be some changes at work – it’s a quick change and there will be a lot to get used to.  Tommorrow will be my 80th consecutive day blogging – change has been happening all along but I’m only starting to feel it – this is a long time coming change.

Getting to Goal is all about change – I want to reach my weight loss goal! Who wouldn’t? On the surface, it would seem that anyone, working to lose weight, would be hoping for the “quick change” option. If you asked me over the summer I too would have said, “Quick change, yes, please!”

I think seventy-nine days into this blog with consistent tracking qualifies as the “a long time coming” change. Now I can wear clothes that weren’t fitting a few weeks ago. That feels amazing…

I guess I’m saying, when it comes to change, I wouldn’t wish to change my journey. I want to experience it.  Thank you for reading – more tomorrow…



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