Day Seventy-Six…

Today was the first full day of conferences. My brain is very full of many new and inspired ideas about teaching and learning. The people of St. Louis have been very warm and welcoming. It is very interesting to be in a different city:

The Arch

I’ve been very mindful of my food choices. I monitored my hunger levels and even brought along a high protein so I would not get to a point of feeling famished.

Hunting for Snacks
Almonds 4sp

Going to this conference gives me an opportunity to see colleagues who live in other states and have vastly different experiences. You see, I created an educational  #Twitter Chat called #G2Great. Based on Dr. Mary Howard’s remarkable book, Good to Great Teaching (Heinemann). Amazingly, Dr. Howard, Mary, decided to be part of the chat. It turned out that we were a very strong team. We could have predicted, 3 years ago, how the chat would grow into this dynamic group. You never know how your work will change lives:

#G2Great Friends
I am in the middle

Tomorrow is my regular meeting day, and I’m sorry to be missing it because, as you know, I do love going to my meetings. I am thinking of my WW friends and hoping everyone had a successful week.

More tomorrow…

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