Day Seventy…

Meeting Day! I’ve said this before, but I do love may meetings. Today, our WW leader Bonnie posed the question, “What do you like about coming to meetings?” Just as I thought to myself,” The community…” another member said, “It’s the people.”  The conversation that followed was all about the caring supportive group we’ve become. Somewhere along the line, we shifted away from strangers in a room to a dynamic relationship. It feels like a team, all of us working together to help each other to be our best selves.

I did lose weight this week, I’m down another 1.8:

Everyday is a winding roadI get a little bit closer1
If you’re looking for some inspiration, listen to this song it’s a great one:       

With kindess and sincerity I tell myself, “This is a great loss.” In truth, there is a resentful part of me believes I should be getting bigger numbers. I can tell you if this happened last year, I would have thrown my hands up in the air and been angry and frustrated. The truth is it’s a lot of work to lose weight, and I am changing more on the inside than I am on the outside. Well, maybe that’s where the real shift is happening – this isn’t really the work, in the: you do something and check it off a list way. It’s more meta: this work is to shift my inner perspective in a holistic way. I am learning about what living a healthy life is really all about. So when I look through that healthy living lens I can say (rationally)  that I am honestly satisfied with the loss. That can be true as a well as the small seed of disappointment (emotionally) I wish it were more:

My Learning… During the meeting, we shared strategies and tips to help each other be successful. We were challenged to think about what we need to continue doing or consider what needs to change. Here were some of the suggestions that came out of the meeting room:

“Consider your weekly Weight Watchers meetings ‘me time’ it’s important.”
“When you see other foods out, think to yourself, ‘that’s not my food.’  that just clicked for me.”
“My food, my choice. I can decide what I will or will not eat. I can make choices to have what I want.”
“Buy foods you enjoy, don’t worry if  it costs a little bit extra. You buy things for others all athe time. If you want something special just for you go for it.”

My Plan:  This is coming right out of my notebook:

  1. Focus on the journey. I do this each day when I write these posts.
  2. Focus on the goal. Stay connected to my why: I want to be healthy (feeling/looking).
  3. Focus on strategy. Plan out my week, and evaluate my hunger signals. 

Feeling Gratitude:  This Veteran’s Day was a beauty. I did get the opportunity to thank a veteran for his service. It was a small meaningful moment.  There was an older man outside the Bagel Cafe wearing a Vietnam War hat, I held the door and said, “Thank you for your service sir. Happy Veteran’s Day.” He looked at me, sort of surprised,  and said, “Oh! Thank you.” and smiled warmly.  I sensed that this little exchange was special to us both.

I hope you got to enjoy the day and had some fun. More tomorrow…