Day Sixty-Nine…

I can’t help but love November. I bundle up and the cold air envelops me like an old friend. As I walk down the street I breathe in wood smoke knowing it will permeate my hair as it whips in and out from under the hood of my jacket. My hands buried deep in pockets and I am instantly reminded of childhood. I would spend hours raking leaves for the sole purpose of jumping into them. Throwing them up in the air with my head turned upward to watch them dip and sail back to earth. I think my ongoing search for beauty in the world, comes from a desire to get closer to that kind of appreciation for nature:

It was the first really cold day. We drove into Northport Village and were greeted with blustery winds and white caps:

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day.  I had a devil and angel on my shoulder as I thought to myself, “What will you do if you stay the same again? What will you do if you don’t get a big number? How will you feel, if after all this careful planning and work you lose a pound?”  Instantly another thought came to mind, “Well then that’s another pound off that will not come back. If you could trade a big weight loss number for how you’ve been feeling, would you do it?  No, no you wouldn’t Jennifer. You deserve to feel good about everything you’re doing for yourself. Don’t let fear and doubt cloud your intention.”  This was my thought process, and I think it is important to be transparent about these things if this blog is going to be an honest portrayal of my journey to goal.

Like an angel and devil on my shoulder

After that exchange, I did try on a bunch of clothes and some things fit that didn’t fit last week!

Weight Watcher Pro Tip: I just polished off 1/3 cup of Pistachios for 3sp and I can say that is a handy little snack to have. It takes a while to eat them and they are delicious.   

Thank you for listening and all the encouragement. I can do this, and so can you; all we have to do is work at it and be patient.


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