Day Sixty-Seven…

I went to a training today about educational standards, it was as thrilling as it sounds. As I sat in the audience, I thought to myself, “Look at how shiny those candy wrappers are, they are almost glowing in the bowl.”  Under the fluorescent lights, the candy bowl looked like a little treasure trove of sweetness. As I looked around people were dipping in and out of the bowls so thoughtfully placed out on the tables.

I was not tempted, I did not want any, but it was amazing how when the conversation became more intense the candy eating did too. Before I became so engaged with my weight loss journey I would have been right there popping that chocolate one-by-one. It’s really amazing how 67 days of reflection has shaped my thinking.

Anyway, as a followup from yesterday, I did my after-school training (and yes, I did put out candy too) it went great. Another afterschool training tomorrow…

Thank you for reading my posts and sharing my journey.

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