Day Sixty-Three…

So the universe is laughing at me and decided to test all my beliefs and resolve about my weight loss. I lost ZERO pounds this week. This is how it went:

“You stayed exactly the same.” Her hands folded on top of my weigh-in-book, looking up at me earnestly.
“I did?”  I was smiling but my eyes were squinting. 
“Yes.” Smiling back at me and shaking her head up-and-down.
I walked back to my seat holding my sneakers in tow, then it began: “I stayed the same? I don’t think I could have been better on plan. I worked out, I tracked, I reflected. Why didn’t I lose?” Then I remembered, “Your body doesn’t know it’s supposed to perform each Saturday morning at 8:15 am.” 

I did everything right, and I didn’t lose an ounce and I am alright with that. If I were reading this post last year, I would have said, “You’re just a liar. You did all this work, and you got no results on the scale!”  Here is why this time is different – this time I own the scale. I banish the scale and its numbers this week as if it were the Wicked Witch trying to cast some terrible spell. I say, “Oh rubbish! You’ll have no power here. Begone, before someone drops a house on you!”

I mean it. 

I am laser focused on getting to goal, and my results on the scale do not define me nor do they define my efforts.  At my meeting, some amazing members shared their struggles and I totally understand on a deep and personal level. They are scared they are going back to their “old ways” they are afraid that they are losing control. I understand. That feeling is like you’re standing atop of a gravel mountain and the pebbles and sand beneath your feet is beginning to give way.  This is a crucial part of the journey for them. This is what I have to say, “I am here for you. I don’t know what is going to turn that around for you, that’s your work to figure out, but I believe in you.”

Here are some things (be sure to hover over the pictures to read the captions) that I celebrate today:

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