Day Fifty-Nine…

Happy Halloween! Today’s featured image was both spooky and unexpected. An enormous flock of birds was my view when I bought my morning coffee.  A perfect Halloween image looking just like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

I went to 5:15 Spin Class and I suppose that could be a horror story to some, but for me, it was another mini-goal accomplished! It was a great class, it was totally full and I’m so glad I was one of them:

We didn’t get that many Trick or Treaters and that is too bad – I have a lot of candy left over, but I plan on taking that to work and leaving it in the faculty room. I don’t really want everyone here eating it and while I’m not tempted at the moment, you never know.

I have many fond memories of Halloween, don’t we all?  One family tradition, since I was a kid, is that we have a big Chinese food dinner. Part of being successful on plan means finding ways to eat the foods you love. This is how it worked out 16sp in total:

  •  2/3 cup of white rice – 4sp
  • Chinese egg roll, restaurant type – 7sp
  • Egg Foo yung pork (1 item) – 5sp

It was the best Chinese food I’ve eaten in a while. I got takeout from Golden China in Northport Village. About half-way through dinner, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so good, I wish I had more.”  Then I had a flash of dread, “What if this is a trigger?”  Then I thought again, “Just enjoy this and when you’re done, you’re done.” That worked, I did enjoy it and I froze the two other pieces I had leftover.

Now that Halloween is coming to an end, and we are starting the turn towards the holiday season, I want to remember that that staying on plan, getting in my workouts, and taking time for self-care is a gift that I deserve. Plus, the more healthy I am the better it will be for my family. This is true for me and it’s also true for you.

Tomorrow is day 60, let’s see what it brings…

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