Day Fifty-Eight…

I believe in the power of words. If I believe that then the words I choose will bring me strength. I call this a weight loss journey because a journey implies action and an exploration. That is what it has been for me since I began this blog:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.15.02 AM

I realize day 60 is right around the corner. I celebrated a milestone today I am wearing my jeans again. That is a special kind of joy that “civilians” (as my Weight Watcher leader Bonnie calls non-Weight Watcher members) just don’t understand. As I round this next bend I am down:

-16.6 POUNDS
This picture is like a collage of all the actions I’ve taken to get to this point in the journey.

As I look back over the past weeks, I am thinking about how numbers tell a story, but that story is colored by perspective. Here is my story from a positive stance:

Or, I could look at my efforts from a negative stance:

I am twenty pounds heavier than I was about a year ago.

Numbers don’t lie, and all these stories I’ve told about them are true. It’s all a matter of perspective. I am dealing with my personal journey for weight loss and, literally,  my ups and downs. The most important lesson I’m taking from them is that when I take action, I can get control and be successful.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I wouldn’t trade places with where I was a year ago. Last year, I was starting a downward spiral. Why did that happen? I don’t know because I was not practicing daily reflections as I am now. When I look back on my posts, I can pick out days that could have ignited disengagement if I was not self-aware.

Finding courage...
This is true for all of us.

Actually, that brings me to my final words for this post. Self-awareness combined with self-care is a potent combination, and that is just one of the important lessons I’m learning along the way. I am happy right now where I am and that is a great feeling.


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