Day Fifty-Four

Today is my son’s 15th birthday. I went to the best bakery, in my opinion, in Northport.

They are very skilled bakers and everything they make is delicious and beautiful. As I waited for my son’s cake, I walked around snapping pictures. As I did this I was thinking about writing this post, and it just occurred to me, in the past, I would have been thinking about which cookie I would buy myself.  That thought didn’t even enter my mind. That is really weird.

I also hosted Learning Communities at work today. I use the word “hosted” because part of providing professional learning for teachers has to include offering them “snacks”. On a recent Twitter chat, someone posted that “snacks” were the best part of professional development. Well, I hope that’s not true for my teachers, although it certainly might be. Again, I was not tempted at all:

I will have a piece of David’s cake later to celebrate turning 15 with my family. I used the chat feature on my WW app we decided it will be, probably, 12sp for a half slice. It is a guess, and back in the day that would have freaked me out too. A script in my head would have gone something like this…

“So now you’re just making up points. You’re not really following the plan… If you eat cake, you’re going to want to just eat more of it. You’ll get your taste back for sugary foods. There is only one right way to do this…”

Does any of this resonate with you? I think the difference really is writing these posts as a way to be mindful about my choices.  Also, my leader Bonnie, she is fabulous by the way she encourages me every week, tells me that these post may be helping others. So really it’s a win any way I look at it.

Thank you for reading – I am very grateful for my Weight Watchers tribe. More tomorrow…