Day Fifty-Three…

I think that a variety of foods is essential when taking on weight loss.  Each day I pack something a little different than the day before. I packed a raspberry yogurt for breakfast tomorrow with a banana but today I packed an hard boiled egg and an apple. One day may be mixed berries the next may be a banana. Each night I plan for a different protein. I am making an effort to try a variety of recipes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.49.32 PM

All of these little choices and tweaks are making a difference. I don’t even feel like I’m on a weight loss plan. I guess that is because I know I can anything I want. Another part of the process is becoming more clear to me. I notice that I am more sensitive to my hunger cues. I can distinguish between internal and external hunger and I think that is something to celebrate.

Celebrate each little victory

I am so happy that I have made a conscious decision to capture beauty throughout the day. Collecting beautiful images connects me to that energy and gives me a sense of wellbeing:

I hope you took some time out today to reflect on where you are in the journey. More tomorrow…




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