Day Fifty-Two…

I went to 5:15 AM Spin and accomplishing that feels really good. It was a better day than yesterday (thank goodness). I am very busy but I feel like I’m keeping up (barely) with everything that I need to do. I had a good day on plan, take a look:

I still have five additional points to use in order to be in blue dot territory.  I think I might have a rice pudding (2sp) some fat-free whipped cream (()sp – yes I weight that too) and some caramel almonds  (3sp).  My lunch and breakfast are packed for tomorrow – I am in the WW zone.  Well, that’s my story for today anyhow – tomorrow could be totally different.  I think that is true for many of us.

I hope you had a great day, and if you didn’t do one thing that is one plan like, drink a glass of water, or pack your lunch for tomorrow, or go back and track your food for the day.  I believe in you. I believe we can all get to goal.

P.S. I just noticed my countdown clock flipped to 7 months – the pressure is on LOL




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