Day Fifty-One…

When reading a piece of literature, it’s common that natural phenomena, like rain or snow, have some sort of foreboding. Rain means rebirth or sadness, snow means death, well fog means isolation. If my life were a story, this morning would make perfect sense. The fog covered everything and took a really long time to burn off. In the end, it was an omen for the rest of my day.


Ever have one of those days when you feel small and unsure of yourself? You feel like you’re on your own, and it’s going to be rough. As I write this, I hear The Shirelles singing “Mama Said” and I have to say that cheers me up a little. The truth is, Mama was right, there will be days like this, so when I was unconsciously going to take a fork full of mashed potatoes out of the pot, I had to take a beat. I had to ask, why am I doing this? I realized that at that moment, the reach for potatoes was really a reach for some comfort. So the good news here is that I am learning.


I am scheduled for 5:15 Spin Class, I packed my lunch, and tomorrow is a new day. I want to end this post with a little slide show of all the positive things I’ve done for myself lately. I hope that you are doing positive things too, things that build you up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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