Day Forty-Five…

Have you been up at 4:30 am lately? For me, it was rough getting out of the house so early in the morning. Plus, it has finally started to feel like the autumn- which is amazing; except, when it’s 4:30 am! So despite the cold and the dark, with coffee in hand, I made my way to Gold’s Gym:

I was blown away by the encouragement everyone showed me. I carried your words in my heart and had a fantastic experience. The instructor was excellent, the people were really nice, and I got to meet my friend and fellow WW member Jennifer:

When I left the gym, there was a spectacular sky. It was an incredible gift, and I felt very connected to the world and happy:

My parting words for this post are – I’m learning that the in-between needing to lose weight and attaining goal is such an opportunity.  It can be an opportunity for adventure, it can be a revelation, it can be a discovery. One thing I know for certain is that it will be whatever we make of it.


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