Day Forty-Three…

I saw a Facebook challenge to track your food with pictures. That sounded interesting so here goes… my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in pictures;

Another post I’ve seen on Facebook is, “How do you get in your workouts?” I have to say this one often makes me feel inept because finding time to “get in my workouts” has been really challenging. I started today because Sunday is an easy day to get it in. I went to the 8:30 AM Spin class and I feel really great that I made time to make that happen.

I plan to go Tuesday (5:15 AM) and Thursday (4:30 PM):

Have you heard of escape rooms? Today, instead of going out to lunch with friends we went to Padlocked. In an escape room, you are placed in a scenario, given clues, and a time limit to solve little mysteries. It was a blast.

So fun is not overrated, but it did push my Sunday routine back. I went food shopping, prepared dinner, prepped my vegetables, and fruit. I packed breakfast and lunch then pre-tracked it for tomorrow:

Crocery Shop

I hope you had a great Sunday, and that you did well on plan. Each day we do this is one day closer to getting to goal. More tomorrow…

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