Day Forty-Four…

I did something unexpected today.  On my commute home, my sister called and asked me if I’d like to go walking with her. I quickly went home changed and we walked her neighborhood. Her neighborhood is an excellent place to go walking because there are lots of hills (way to get extra fit points). We talked about our days and admired the fun Halloween decorations. My lesson for today, if someone asks you to go outside for a walk – say yes!

Fit Points

So, I have set up a big challenge tomorrow.  I got into the 5:15 am Spin Class I’ve been writing about. I have not made it at that time, not even once yet. I have an after school meeting tomorrow so it’s highly unlikely that I would go tomorrow night. So…

Big challenge

I am one of the lucky 26 people who signed up – will I show? I guess you’ll have to read tomorrow to find out! Your guess is as good as mine…

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