Day Forty-Two…

I lost 4.2 pounds over the last two weeks! I have to say, that does feel really good. I came home and Sadie and I celebratory breakfast:

The only thing that feels better than having a big loss on the scale is having such clarity for my resolve (my why) as I work to get to goal :

I want to lose weight so I will live a fuller life where I look and feel better about who I am in the world. If I get to goal that would mean feeling confident about my appearance. It means being physically able to do more and feel empowered. If I acheive my goal and realize my why that would mean I’ve achieved something that is extraordinary. I believe I can do extraordinary things.

As I reflect on my weight loss this week, my mind is returning back to my meeting. We talked about how it can be discouraging when your efforts are not rewarded on the scale. When you’ve put in the work and somehow you’ve either gained or only lost a small amount of weight. This is very frustrating and I completely empathize with anyone who feels this way.

One of the things we talked about was disempowering the scale, and saying it’s not about the number. On the surface, that does not ring true. I used to think this way, “At the end of the day, we are all there to lose weight, so yes the scale matters.”  My thinking is starting to shift, I’m starting to understand how to disempower the scale. However, please understand, I’m not saying the scale is not important. I would be dealing with upset feelings if I did not have a loss this week. I do want to weigh less this week than last week, and I hope to weight even less next week.

Going in the right direction

I think that when I only make it about the scale, I am giving up my control. I am working to disempower myself and all that I can do to change my situation. Let’s face it, the reason why I need to lose weight in the first place is complicated, and so losing the weight is also complicated. It’s an open-ended problem that requires a sophisticated response. Whereas, the scale is a very concrete measure of my accomplishments. Here’s the thing though, if I avoid the scale and don’t track my progress I am still making it more powerful than me.

Any narrow lens I use during this process is going to hurt my efforts to get to goal. So, I’m saying, I’m up for the challenge to deal with whatever comes my way. More tomorrow…

Here are some things I try to remember…

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