Day Forty-One….

Happy Friday everyone. Tomorrow is my weigh-in day and I am feeling really great about my choices this week. I am so proud that I managed to blog even when WiFi was scarce. I was flexible when my plans went awry and made smart choices that will help me to achieve my future goal.

Sometimes a little imagination makes all the difference:

Seeing the future

In the spring there will be beautiful bright yellow daffodils right there. I believe that with time, water, and sun they will bloom. This is true for me, and anyone who is working for a positive change in their lives. Sometimes it is hard to envision the positive changes that will come your way but you just have to believe in the process.

I’ll let you know how I do tomorrow…

PS When you have better choices in the house it’s easier to stay on plan. Look what I threw together:

Better ChoicesThank you for reading and all your support!

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