Day Forty…

How can it be that I’ve been blogging each day for forty days? It seems incredible to me. I find that really look forward to writing these posts they are definitely helping me to stay on track. Taking time out for these daily reflections seems to refocus me in a way that clarifies why I’m doing this.

I had a very long day I went to work, and then attended an after-school professional learning offering in another school district not too far from where I live. I won’t go into all the teacher talk but the focus was on the power of story. It made me think of the many books I’ve introduced my students to in the hopes that these stories would fill their minds and inspire them to grow:

Mentor TextsThis makes me think about the stories we tell ourselves. Are we mindful to tell ourselves stories that make us feel empowered? Do we tell stories that celebrate our differences?  When we think about doing something really hard, like losing weight, do we tell ourselves stories about being innovative, or smart, or brave? Are we the main characters in our stories, or are we the secondary characters?  What lessons are we learning from the stories we tell ourselves?

I am can do hard things, and I am going to get to gaol. I can find ways to deal with complications. Like today I had to grab a quick dinner, (I counted it at 10sp):

Dinner on the go

.I can adjust and be flexible and find solutions. I can be part of a supportive community and learn from my mistakes. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

My last words tonight, it doesn’t matter where you are when you start this journey, just start. Start putting yourself first. Start thinking about why you want to lose weight. Start thinking about why you gained weight (I think there is a lot to that). Just start.

Believe that you can do this, and so will I. More tomorrow.