Day Thirty-Nine…

I woke up to a beautiful sky:

Perhaps my head was in the clouds when I left for work, or sometimes things go awry,  I left my lunch and breakfast at home on my coffee table. I have to admit when my husband called me and said, “Honey I’m so sorry you left your lunch at home.” A sudden frantic feeling hit me: I’m at work and I have no food with me. It was kind of weird, I’m not sure whether it was a loss of control or just plain hunger that brought on that feeling.

When you’re following plan once breakfast time rolls around you are actually hungry. So, I had to go with Plan B. I bought school food today. A tiny yogurt was 6sp! The graham crackers were surprising at 2sp. Apple and water 0sp:


It was a busy day at work and I felt as though I could not catch up no matter what I did.  I came home to picking up kids and running errands and it’s 8:51 PM and other than eating dinner this is the first time I sat down.

This is definitely a process and I am learning as I go, that’s the whole point of this. Take time to reflect daily and roll with the punches.

I hope you had a successful day on plan and as always more tomorrow…


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