Day Thirty-Eight…

Getting home from work…

I just finished packing and pre-tracking my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (10sp). My routine is a little off because I did not do any grocery shopping yesterday.  I had enough in the house to cover today and tomorrow, which means I ‘m going to have to go shopping tonight.

I plan on buying a vegetable tray, some fruit water, lettuce, turkey, and seltzer/bottled waters.  I’m not sure what to make for dinner tonight but I’m leaning towards something quick like turkey kielbasa or burgers…

Getting home from the grocery store…

Going food shopping when you’re hungry is never a great idea. I try to be quick, but I can never seem to get that down.  Anyway, I made some good choices at the store:


My quick dinner was hamburgers, potato knish, and a green salad (15sp. It was delicious and easy a great conversation when you’re tired and hungry.

I keep thinking about my long weekend and what I remember most. I had so much fun going on that quad ride with my husband. I didn’t feel self-conscious sitting on the back looking over his shoulder. I felt so free, it was a totally exhilarating experience. Whizzing through the greenery, rounding the pond, and over the gravel trail.  Making memories was what that trip was about,

Making memories was what that trip was about – not the food.

More tomorrow…

P.S. I tried a kumquat (as seen in my grocery bag) it was interesting – tasted like extremely tart marmalade.

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