Day Thirty-Six…

Going away is not over-rated, we are having a great time together. I’m not missing having Wi-Fi it’s nice being off the grid. We went into town and had breakfast at this quaint restaurant called The Rooster. I made an excellent choice, I had a light fluffy egg white omelet with ham, peppers, and onions, two pieces of rye bread. It came with hash-browns but I gave them to my husband. The whole breakfast was 10sp.

When something is important to you, you find a way and so I was able to track and log on my Weight Watchers Mobile Ap. I did pretty well yesterday, I did go over my points but not an exurbanite amount. I still have 25 Weekly Points left. The thing that’s important is that even if I’m off the grid technologically speaking, I’m not off the grid with my weight loss goal.

Tomorrow is my trip home.  More then.