Day Thirty-Four…

Things are going really well. I’m blogging to you live from a Dunkin Donuts. The ride has been scenic and it’s so nice to have downtime with my family.  It seems obvious but it’s worth saying, this is the reason why it’s good to go away.

So far I have used 4sp:

  • 2oz chicken – 1 sp (satisfying)
  • 1 pear (very sweet)
  • 1 oz Turkey Pepperoni (it takes a long time to eat)
  • Cut up Vegetables 0sp
  • Cracker Barrel 2% Cheddar Cheese (satisfying)

I keep thinking about lifelines… Oprah’s theme is all about self-care. Taking that time to prepare my foods, is an expression of self-care. I am not feeling deprived or like I’m craving anything and that is sort of empowering.

More tomorrow…


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