Day Thirty…

Today was tough, managing life and Weight Watchers can be tricky sometimes. Can you relate? I used a total of 29sp for the day. I packed breakfast and lunch and I ate those at work (14sp). Sometimes small purchases like a nice lunch bag make all the difference. It really helps because it’s easy to pack and keeps everything cool:

New Lunch box

Act two of my day begins when I make it home, pack the lunch and breakfast up and cook dinner. Tonight’s meal was simple but very good Grilled chicken with Fingerling Potatoes. I’ve never prepared these potatoes before, and they were something of a novelty for me and my family. I totally recommend them:

After dinner, I still had 9sp left.  I went out of some errands with my husband and before I knew it we had pulled into the Baskin Robbins parking lot. Living Weight Watchers means knowing how to make the plan fit your lifestyle Going to Baskin & Robbin’s is going to happen from time to time. I ordered a sugar cone with one scoop of fat-free vanilla (the flavor they stick in the far left back corner of the ice cream case) . It was pretty good.

As always thank you for reading this post. I just made it, we are just shy of midnight. Good night everyone.

P.S. Check out my Featured Image it’s testimony to the power of the pen!

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