Day Twenty-Nine…

Sundays can be one of those days that you want to hang out in p.j’s watching old movies and snuggling. Especially when it’s there is a nip in the air like this morning. Let’s say Sadie had her plans for the day. Very tempting; instead, I went out the door and down the steps off to Stop and Shop:

I was strategic and bought a great variety of foods. Some different choices that I selected this week were: Bartlet Pears (0sp), Boar’s Head London Broil (1sp 2oz), and Sargento Provolone Cheese (2sp per slice):

My Cart

I took time to prep foods so it would be easier to pack lunches and plan meals for the week ahead:

I did take some time out to enjoy the day, and so I took a walk at Crab Meadow:

While I was walking around the beach I kept thinking about the paths we take. There are many ways to arrive at a destination. The trick is to find the path that helps you to learn the most from your personal journey:

As I sit here eating mixed berries and sipping vanilla tea I am content with my scenic path to goal. I am learning to appreciate where I am right now, instead of wishing I were getting there faster. Slowing down to appreciate the present reveals gifts that would otherwise be missed.

Tonight the air smells like Halloween: fire, earth, and wax. The sunset was all oranges and reds. I think that the more appreciate the beauty around me the more I appreciate it within me. Does that make sense?

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday and that you are feeling well. More tomorrow…

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