Day Twenty-Eight…

Today was weigh-in-day, and I lost exactly one pound. I don’t know why, but it’s not upsetting me the way it did last week. It’s all going in the right direction and I still feel like I’m going to have a bigger loss one of these weeks. Since I’ve begun Getting To Goal this is my weight loss trend:


Weight Watchers gives us another way to measure our progress, “Blue Dots” They show you at a glance if you are within your points range for the day (27- 37 SmartPoints) I had an awesome month:


The days that are not shaded blue were days that I ate less than my allotted points.


My Weight Watchers meeting was all about Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset.  I have read Dweck’s book, so I know quite a lot about this topic. Here is a blog post I wrote for my educational blogs: Learning in the Company of Others. Plus there are a lot of teachers who go to my meeting, and Dweck’s work has been highlighted in school districts across Long Island, so many members knew about it too. It’s a beautiful concept because she suggests that we can shift our perspectives to see a challenge as an opportunity for growth.  Want to see how it works?

You’ll notice that both statements are true:

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 5.38.25 PM

I can elect to see things from a negative perspective or a positive one. Weight loss is already so difficult why not take an optimistic (growth mindset) stance?  Honestly, that’s my natural disposition anyway.

So if you feel like you’re struggling, I totally get that because I’ve been there.Take a moment and try to think about weight loss as an opportunity that can change your life for the better.

Here is my 1,2,3 Strategy to shift to a growth mindset:

  1. Use a kind inner voice. Have your inner voice talk to you like your mom or nanny would have spoken to you, use your name in your thinking: “Jennifer, you are doing great.”
  2. Celebrate small attainable goals. Anything goes, if I start the day thinking today I am going to drink 8 glasses of water and I accomplish that goal, it’s as Kool and Gang would say, “There’s a party going on right here…”
  3. Reflect on my feelings and thoughts daily. If a recurring feeling or thought surface think through it, name it, and get clarity as to why that’s happening.

Let’s do this thing together. We can all get to goal…

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