Day Twenty-Seven …

Last year at this time, I was looking good. From the outside, it seemed like I was well on my way to goal. A leader invited me, and yes I actually did this, to take a twirl in front of everyone at my meeting. That felt amazing. Yet on the inside something was brewing, I was beginning to disengage. A change was happening and no one, not even me, knew it. Where did I go wrong?  I keep thinking about a member’s Facebook post:

“I need to get my mojo back! 0 ambition to be on plan. How do I get it back?” 

I understand this member’s distress on a visceral level. Even her word choice, “mojo” makes perfect sense. The word “mojo” implies a magic charm – how scary is that? Is ambition to lose weight some mystical presence that can enter or leave us at will?  Sometimes it certainly feels that way. I’m not going to dwell on this, but it’s something I’m thinking about so it’s probably something I shouldn’t ignore.

I have the power within me to do this. The hell with the odds, I say yes I can make choices that will get me to my goal:

There is no magic charm that will grant me access to change. It’s just brute effort and reflection that will get me to goal. Yikes, that sounds awful when I read it back.  What else is different from last year?  This year I am actively seeking out beauty and inspiration, from myself and the world. I believe we all can draw on inspiration and beauty to stoke positive energy.  The world is so full of both and is waiting to be found.

To me, these leaves are both beautiful and inspirational because when I look at them, I am reminded of the transformative power of time and patience:

Perhaps that just the message I needed to hear today.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, is weigh-in day. I hope my reaction is better than last week. I hope I can be happy if my weight loss I less than I think I deserve. I hope that I can learn to have some grace and appreciate where I am right now in the journey.

Let me leave you with these words they are, well, inspiring…

Eckhart Tolle


Day Twenty-Six …

One of the tastes I look forward to in the fall is Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. The beauty of Weight Watchers is I can elect to have that if I want it, nothing is “off limits.” However, for quite a while now I’ve been staying away from the “Flavor Swirls” or the syrups they use because they are so sweet and I think that when I drink them, I have a “hungrier kind of day.” So this morning I found myself craving that pumpkin taste so I made oatmeal with pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice seasoning, and a banana. If pumpkin is calling you, this is a nice low point option at 3sp.

Sometimes a salad or a wrap just won’t cut the mustard. So why not have a frankfurter instead?  Have you ever tried Boar’s Head Lite Frankfurters? At 3sp each they are a great bargain. Throw in a light roll, skip the fries and have veggies and you get a very satisfying 5sp lunch!

V-A-R-I-E-T-Y!  I need to eat a great variety of foods if this is going to work, so when dinner rolled around it was suggested to me that we haven’t had Gemeli a while. This was a little daunting: “Pasta uses a lot of points. You don’t get that much… The idea of macaroni and meat sauce is very tempting. Should I go for it? I could always bulk it up with some kind of vegetable… What if…”  These are the secret machinations of a Weight Watcher who is engaged with the program.

Well, I bought it and agreed it doesn’t look like very much, but with the meat sauce and low-fat ricotta cheese it was enough to satisfy me:

It’s sort of ironic that I find myself eating out of “Share” dish considering I won’t share any of my food because it’s all weighed and measured as if I were a pharmacist.  I do my best to keep my sense of humor.

later, I’m going to try a Fuji Apple that is actually from Japan. It’s kind of cool to think about the apple’s story. Picked from an orchard in Japan and its voyage from half-way around the world. You can probably tell I read a lot of children’s books…

Thank you for reading more tomorrow…

P.S. Today’s Featured Image was found on a walk home on a foggy dreary day, showing me that there is always something bright and beautiful to be found – all we have to do is look for it. Hope you had a great day today.