Day Twenty-Two…

Last night before I went to sleep, I found out I was moved from the “waitlist” and added to the roster for Studio Spin. I got up nice and early and made it to the class on time. I really liked the instructor. She changed up the routines and that made it more fun:

I definitely feel a difference when I start the day with activity. It gives me some energy and makes me feel as though I’m starting the day off on a positive stance.

I went to Trader Joe’s with my sister in search of ingredients to make soup. I was going to make Oprah’s soup she featured on Connect this week: OW Ranch Soup but Oprah talked about Christmas Beans on the video… and they didn’t have those at Trader Joe’s so my sister came to rescue with her recipe instead: Slow Cooker Manhatten Clam Chowder. My sister says it’s great.  I have to put it into the Recipe Builder but from what we could tell the only thing in it that should have any substantial sp value would be the mini Yukon Gold potatoes. Take a look at the recipe below:

If you read my blog, then you know that my14 year-old has a penchant for fast food. He has been asking to try out Sonic for a while now. There isn’t one of those close by, but we brought him today and this is what I had to contend with:

Really I don’t mind, this is real life. My kid wants to go these places and my being a Weight Watcher shouldn’t get in the way of that. Besides, I made sure to treat myself when I got home:

What a difference a day makes, yesterday was a struggle and today was a breeze. I think if I’m going to be successful I’ve got to keep on acknowledging my feelings about my progress. Thank you to everyone who reached out through to reply to yesterday’s post, you really helped me. Thank you thank you. Talk more tomorrow….

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