Day Twenty-One…

I lost again this week. I should only be happy with my accomplishment.  The thing is, if I’m being honest, I’m not really I ‘m sort of disappointed. I’m feeling a little low because I am working the program and I wish had lost more. This is not a very helpful way of thinking. Also, I notice that I’m feeling hungry all day. I’ve made good choices, and so far I’ve used 13sp. I kept busy to fend off the hunger, I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, and even cleaned my curio cabinet:

I hope that writing this down and reading it back will lend me some perspective. Being mindful of my feelings, naming them, and considering their potential to shape my efforts seems important. It’s more than just food.

Our topic today was Making Your Meetings Matter.  Meetings have always mattered to me because community makes all the difference. I like cheering on other members, and they encourage me too. Each week I learn something that helps me, either from my group or from them. My Facebook community. We are as we say on Connect #bettertogether.

Thank you, Anna Iuliano Calise for letting me use your beautiful photograph as today’s Featured Image. Anna was walking the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow Beach yesterday and shared some inspiration with the rest of us. You can never tell what small act of kindness will do for another person…   

So to end this post, there will be days that are harder than others and that’s ok. Stay focused and keep tracking. Track your food, track your mood,  and check your attitude! You are enough, and yes you can do it. That’s what I tell myself, and that’s what I want to say to all of you. More tomorrow….



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