Day Nineteen…

I have my physical today and I’m hauled up in my room because I can’t have any coffee or breakfast. When you are following Weight Watchers as designed, by breakfast time you’re pretty hungry.  Thinking strategically, I will bring a bottle of water and an apple with me. That way when I get into my car I have something right away. If I let myself get too hungry it’s harder to stay in control. When I read this back to myself, it seems so obvious and simple, but it’s not really. It takes a little effort to think this quick plan through. It’s not my automatic way of doing things. Writing out quick plans is a practice I want to continue to grow.

A little later…

My daughter needed a ride to work, of course, and as I was rushing out the door and into the car, I forgot my apple and water… I had to be flexible and come up with plan B: fruit salad and seltzer:

Post Physical

Craving coffee, and feeling a little anxious I arrived at the doctor’s office.  My feelings were exacerbated because everyone at the office kept saying, “Wow, you haven’t been here in a really long time! You need a new chart!” I dutifully filled out my forms and proceeded to wait, wait, wait:

Overall it went very well, and needless to say, I was happy to have it behind me and coffee in front of me. By the way,, I do love the Dunkin Donuts App. I had to pick up my son from a friend’s house and he immediately says, “What do you say, you want to go to Chick-Fil-A?” My customary answer is “No” but not today. Fun fact, there are many good choices for Weight Watchers. I had a Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken Nuggets for 9sp:

Of course, my son got this amazing looking Frosted Lemonade (18sp!). While I didn’t have one of those… I figured out a way to have something fun too later in the evening:

I’m closing out today having used 28sp. That includes having wine and bread! We had a great dinner and enjoyed the view. I tell you we can do this and still have some fun along the way:

One last word of gratitude, I am very mindful to count my blessings. My life is imperfect and complex as I’m sure yours are too. September 17, 2017,  was the International Day of Peace. As I sign off today, I am praying for a more peaceful world. One where we can all aspire to be more than we are today. George Harrison said it best, “Give me love, give me love, give me peace on earth…” 


International Peace Day